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Terms & Conditions

Relatable Design Co ("I", “Relatable”, “RDC”) is a graphic and website design service provider and the trading name of RCR Group NZ Limited.

RCR Group NZ Limited is registered in New Zealand and has its registered office at 253 Rocky Cutting Road, Waitao, New Zealand.


  1. All cost supplied are an approximation and are not guaranteed. They are based on information provided by the client regarding project requirements and scope. Actual cost may change once all project elements are finalised or negotiated. Prior to any changes of cost, the client will be notified.
  2. Payment terms – unless otherwise agreed in writing – are:
    a.) A 50% deposit is required for the work to commence.
    b.) A 25% progress payment is required once the design concept is signed off and before the website is built and content loaded.
    c.) The final 25% and the first subscription payment are required before the website goes live.
  3. Upon acceptance of these terms and conditions, a deposit invoice will be issued and payment of the deposit is required. Deposits are non-refundable, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  4. Two design revisions are included, unless otherwise specified in the proposal or estimate. Any additional revisions will be charged at the specified hourly rate.
  5. Any adjustments or additions to what has already been estimated will be approached on an estimate by estimate basis for each change or addition. For example, if the scope of one of the itemised prices increases, Relatable Design Co will clearly outline the additional cost before work is commenced.
  6. Your website will be build and set up on Rocketspark, a New Zealand based web design platform. Rocketspark is an individually functioning web design and build platform, however from time to time custom code is required. Should we identify that any customisation is need, this will be estimated as extra. Some examples may be custom forms, buttons or maps.
  7. If there are client delays of more than 2 weeks to review designs or provide text and/or image content, Relatable Design Co would begin charging the website subscription and invoice for work completed to that point.
  8. The general terms of use for the Rocketspark system are contained here.
  9. All prices are in New Zealand Dollar, unless otherwise stated.