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Sustainable Graphic Design

Here at Relatable Design Co, I create impactful brand, print and website designs you and your customers can relate to. Bringing ease and my expertise to the design process, we’ll collaborate to find a bespoke visual solution for your brand.

I'll help you to reduce the environmental footprint of your business through sustainable graphic design that aligns with your business practices and reflects the care you have for people, your business and the environment.

The result? A confident visual identity that clicks with your audience and is better for the planet.


Your brand is the visual face of your business, and it’s more than just your logo. Your branding includes how your brochures and flyers look, the design of your stationary, reports and marketing collateral, your product packaging, your vehicle and building signage, your website, how you present your business on social media, just to name a few.

Most companies are already taking steps to reduce their environmental impact in the everyday running of their business. Let’s achieve the same with your brand!


As we move more into the digital space, the need for printing is decreasing yearly. However, there will always be something that needs to be printed including business cards, restaurant menus, flyers or marketing material.

By looking at what paper, ink, finish and other materials are being used, we can lower the environmental footprint of your printed product, especially when it comes to the last part of its life cycle. Let’s talk about how we can make your print product better for the planet.


The digital space is growing rapidly. We use online shops, communicate digitally and even have paperless offices. Did you know that if the internet was a country, it would be the 6th biggest emitter of carbon? That’s because all our data needs to be stored somewhere.

Thankfully, there are things we can do to reduce our impact. Improving user experience, keeping content up to date or making tweaks to the design of your website are only a few examples of ways to reduce your environmental footprint. Let’s make a start!

Photo of Minja

Hi, I'm Minja

I’m the founder of Relatable Design Co. As a qualified graphic designer with over 12 years of industry experience, I decided to step out and embrace the journey of running my own graphic design business.

Sustainability is at the heart of my practice and I love the variety of ways design can help brands reduce their environmental impact.

My creative process is collaborative so I’m all ears, here to listen to your needs. Together we will elevate your brand and connect you with your customers.


What you see is what you get. I show up honestly and learn alongside my clients because the most beautiful and important work is done together. My goal is to relate to you so you can relate to your customers.


I care for people and the planet in everything I do. During each project I focus on cultivating genuine relationships, being open to feedback and committing to bettering myself and my business practices.


My purpose is to help businesses reduce their environmental footprint through sustainable graphic design to align with or inspire other sustainable actions within their business. I believe we can all make a difference, individually and collectively.

Website Showcase

Picnicka is a brand new hospitality venue in the heart of Tauranga CBD. Like a village square, it's a gathering place for all things social, from coffee and pastries first thing, lunch and dinner, through to afterwork drinks or a nightcap.

Their new website is just like their food – we only chose the best bites, it's simple, nourishing, and delicious. And it includes everything that's really needed.

Image of Picnicka Website


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